Stamp duty labeling machine

  • Application:Food, beverage, daily necessities, chemical industry, mechanical hardware
  • Type of packaging:carton
  • Materials used for packaging: wood, plastic, paper, metal, glass, wood
  • Mechanical Capabilities: 50-100 pcs/m mechanical testing
  • Core component warranty:1 year
  • Bottle type:round bottle, round box
  • Label material:Self Adhesive Label Sticker


Video Description:

Model No:CX-RT

Machine Name: MultifunctionTax Stamp Labeling Machine


①EU CE standard 

②Fit for 10ml-120ml

③High speed: 3000 B/H 

④PLC control,easy to operate

⑤Sensor detection with high accuracy

⑥Whole machine delivery, easy to install

⑦Same mold can be compatible with both bottle and box labeling One machine can be customized for capped bottle and carton


Step:1: take the vacuum suction label of the cylinder;

Step 2: The suction head moves to the upper part of the marking cylinder through the module to suck the label;

Step 3: The suction head moves to the top of the dispensing machine nozzle through the module;

Step 4: PLC sends signals to spray glue automatically;

Step 5: The product is detected by the sensor through the conveying fixture and runs to the lower part of the labeling cylinder;

Step 6: labeling cylinder completes labeling;


Machine Speed3000 PCS/ hour
Length Of Tax Label42mm (customizable/可订制)
Width Of Tax L abel18mm (customizable/可订制)
Feed bin height (Max.)80 mm
Pasting Accuracy土1mm (not counting the pasted object and label error)
Machine Size Is About2100*1 100*1700 (L* W* H mm)
Labeling speedabout 20- 50P/min
Applicable product sizecustomized according to the product
Applicable label rangecustomized according to the product
Voltage specificationAC220V, 50/60HZ


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