Semi automatic sticker labeling machine beer bottle jar cans manual labeling machine

  • Applicable industries: food and beverage factories, retail, food and beverage stores
  • Main selling point Competitive price
  • Core components PLC, pressure vessels, gears, motors, engines, bearings, gearboxes, pumps
  • Mechanical production capacity 1800BPH
  • After Sales Service Overseas Service Machinery
  • Function labeling
  • Suitable for round glass bottles
  • Label accuracy within +/-1.0mm
  • Capacity 40-50 bottles/minute
  • Bottle diameter 18-150mm


Video description:

Model: CX-BYT

Machine name: Semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine

Basic use:

It is suitable for labeling cylindrical objects of various specifications, small taper round bottles, such as xylitol, cosmetic round bottles, wine bottles, etc.

It can realize full-circle/half-circle labeling, front and back labeling of the circumference, and the distance between the front and back labels can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Widely used in food, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Circumferential positioning detection device is optional to realize circumferential positioning and labeling.

Optional color belt coding machine and inkjet printer, labeling and printing production batch number and other information at the same time, reduce packaging process and improve production efficiency.


Powerful functions, single-label and double-label labeling functions can be switched arbitrarily, the distance between the front and back double labels can be adjusted flexibly, and the circumferential positioning function is optional, on the circumferential surface labeling at the upper set position; support tapered bottle labeling, with a taper adjustment knob, simple adjustment can meet the tapered bottle labeling; The labeling quality is good, with dual positioning of product positioning and label deviation correction, high degree of coincidence between the head and the tail of the label, no wrinkles, no bubbles, and improved quality assurance;

Simple adjustment, one-key switching of various functions, easy and fast labeling switching of different product labels, and improved efficiency; Safe and hygienic, in line with GMP production requirements, the main material is stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, durable;

Stable performance, controlled by PLC+ fiber optic sensor electronic control system, supports equipment to work for a long time; Convenient production management, with labeling counting, power saving mode, photoelectric tracking label and other functions, making production management easier;

Optional accessories and features:

①Hot coding function;

②Circumferential positioning function;

③Other functions (customized according to customer requirements).

Trial scope:

Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc.

Applicable products: products that require labels to be attached to the circumferential surface and conical surface; single or double labels can be attached.

Application industry: Widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, electronics, hardware, plastic and other industries.

Application examples: labeling of oral liquid round bottles, vials, xylitol, shampoo bottles, wine double labels, fixed-point labeling of wine, etc.

working principle:

The core working principle: the principle of switching function between single label and double label, and the principle of circular positioning and labeling. Welcome to consult the manufacturer.

Operation process:

put the product —> label (automatically realized by the equipment) —> take out the labeled product.

Technical Parameters:

Machine size570(L)x250(W)x 500(H) mm
Labeling speed20-50 bottles/min (depending on bottle size and label length)
Label height30-200mm (customizable)
Suitable for bottle diameter30-90 mm (customizable)
Tag height15-140mm (customizable)
Tag length25-300 mm
Label accuracy±0.5mm (except for bottle and label errors)
Inside diameter of paper roll76 mm
Roll outside diameter260 mm
Power source220V 0.2KW 50/60HZ
Machine weight50 kg


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