Semi-automatic self-adhesive label labeling machine

  • Suitable for 10ml-200ml round bottles
  • 10ml-200ml glass bottle or plastic bottle
  • Thermal coding machine (three lines)
  • 3-wire hot encoder
  • Suitable for transparent labels and paper labels
  • Available on clear or paper labels
  • Label: self-adhesive label
  • Packing details: wooden box
  • Flexible Technology: Customizable to Your Requirements
  • How many labels are on the product? : one or two labels
  • Equipable: transparent sensor (optional)
  • Optional: date/code printer


Video description:

Model No:CX1-BYT

Name:manual round bottle labeling machine


1.Can be customized for different bottle / tin / can / jar size, sticker opaque / clear label

2.Hold bottle parts,can be adjusted for different round bottle size

3.Sensor checking: high accuracy

4.Date printer which can print date & letter on labels (optional)

5.The Labeling machine can fit for different round shape prodocts with self adhesive labels,optional for date printer. Special for overlap label,it can be with higher accuracy


1.Round bottles, cans, cylinders or tubes.

2.PET bottles,plastic bottles,glass bottles or metal bottles.

It’s widely used in industries,such as cosmetics,beverage,food.and greatly improve the production efficiency

Semi automatic sticker label 330ml 500ml 1000ml beer bottle labeling machine

Product Characteristics:

1.Wide application,adapt to the dimension of 10-100mm round bottle labeling.

2.High accuracy,and the error of label joining part is no more than 0.5mm.

3.Adopt extrusion device to feeding,just need to put work-pieces,the machine can automatically finish labeling.

4.Use chuck type to adjust, different work-piece can cut over easily.

5.Use the synchronous belt,the stability of the mechanism is greatly improved.

6. Desktop design, make the structure simple,figure small and function strong.

7. Anode corundume alloy shelf and the deluxe computer white electricity box make the figure beautiful and generous.

8. Advanced magic eyes,make the sensitivity high for the object and label.

Main technical Parameters:

Machine Speed1500-1800 bottles/hour bottle 1/hour
Applied Bottles10mI-200ml
Power supplyAC220V,50/60HZ
Labeling Accuracy:土1mm
Compressor Air supply0.3~04kfg/cm2
Gas Consumption10~ 15m3/h
Label Size30mm-120mm(H),80mm-230mm mm(L)
Label Roll Size25mm-75mm
Bottles Diameter25mm-75mm
Packaging Dimensions1350(L)* 620(W)* 680(H)mm
Gross Weight45KG


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