Automatic top + side labeling machine

  • Price: Competitive/Reasonable
  • Packing details: Stretch film + wooden box
  • Label: self-adhesive label
  • Motor: servo motor or stepper motor
  • Function (optional): Siemens PLC+ touch screen
  • Delivery time: 20 days
  • Material: high quality stainless steel
  • Advantage: Customizable


Video description:

Model: CX-DCT

Machine Name: Top + Side Multifunctional Labeling Machine

Patented products, no counterfeiting

Patent No.: ZL 2019 3 0240269. 0 & ZL 2019 2 0387601. 0


1) One label or two labels, top and side, double sided

2) Various bottles/cans/cans: round, flat, square, tapered…

Basic use:

Suitable for flat bottle, round bottle, square bottle, single-sided, three-sided and double-sided labeling of wine, such as shampoo flat bottle, lubricating oil flat bottle, wine round bottles, round bottles of hand sanitizer, etc. are labeled on both sides, and two or three sides are attached at the same time. Double labeling improves production .It is widely used in daily chemicals, cosmetics, petrochemicals, medical pharmaceutical and other industries.


Powerful functions, one machine can realize single-sided, double-sided, three-sided labeling of 4 kinds of products (round bottle, flat bottle, square bottle, special-shaped bottle);

The double-sided rigid plastic synchronous guide chain is adopted to automatically ensure the neutrality of the bottle, and the requirements for the worker to put the bottle and the line to connect the bottle to the bottle are low, greatly reducing the low worker operation or assembly line docking difficulty, can be stand-alone production, but also can be connected to assembly line production;

Equipped with a spring-pressed topping mechanism to ensure stable product delivery and effectively eliminate the inherent error of bottle height;

Equipped with an automatic bottle separation mechanism, the distance is automatically separated before the bottle guide to ensure the stability of subsequent bottle guide, conveying and labeling;

Equipped with double labeling mechanism, the labeling accuracy can be guaranteed for the first time, and the secondary extrusion type labeling can effectively eliminate air bubbles and ensure that the head and tail of the label are tightly attached;

Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no object no labeling, no label automatic correction and label automatic detection functions, to avoid wasting labels and missing labels;

The main material of the equipment is stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, which conforms to the GMP production standard. The overall structure is firm and beautiful.

Scope of application:

Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc.

Applicable products: products that require labels to be attached to the side plane, side large arc surface, and circumferential surface.

Application industry: Widely used in medicine, cosmetics, electronics, hardware, plastics and other industries.

Application examples: labeling of shampoo flat bottles, lubricating oil flat bottles, shampoo round bottles, etc.

Working principle:

The core working principle: the sensor detects the passing of the product, sends back the signal to the labeling control system, and controls the system to send out the label at the appropriate position,and stick it on the position where the product is to be labeled, the product flows through the labeling device, the label is covered and attached to the product, and the sticking action of a label is completed.

Operation process: put the product (can be connected to the assembly line) —> product conveying —> product separation —> labeling (automatically realized by the equipment) —> collect the labeled products.

Technical Parameters:

Machine size3000(L)x 1450(W)x 1360(H) mm
Labeling speed10-100 bottles/ min (depending on bottle size and label length)
Label height30-280mm (customizable)
Suitable for bottle diameter30-120 mm (customizable)
Tag height10-150mm (customizable)
Tag length25-300 mm
Label accuracy士1 mm (except for bottle and label errors)
Inside diameter of paper roll76 mm
Roll outside diameter300 mm
Power source110V/220V 1.5HP 50/60HZ
Air source for printer5 kg/cm2


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