Automatic spice jars packaging machines auto spice powder plastic bottle filling machine

  • Applicable industries Manufacturing plants, food and beverage plants, CBD powder filling machines
  • Applied food, chemical industry, machinery and hardware
  • Packaging type: carton, can, bottle
  • Main selling points Easy to operate
  • Provide mechanical test report
  • Provide video outgoing inspection
  • Core components motor, gears, bearings
    Brand new condition
  • Touch screen Siemens
  • PLC Siemens
  • Mitsubishi inverter
  • Main motor ABB
  • Schneider low voltage appliances
  • Common speed 20-40b/m
  • Qualified Cap 99%
  • Keywords powder filling machine


Video description:


Machine Name: Auger powder filling machine

①CX-CXP Ultrasonic washing machine

②CX-GFJ  Powder filling& capping machine

③CX-DTJ  Labeling machine


  • Press part:Calibrate caps position & Capping mozzle.
  • Vacuum suck powder device: feeding powder automatically.
  • The appearance of the use of SUS304 stainless steel easy maintenance.
  • 316L stainless steel screw filling, corrosion resistance strong.
  • This equipment is in full compliance with GMP requirements.

This machine is suitable for 2-500g material circular flat plastic or glass bottles of powder filling capping.

This machine is made of high precision cam indexing mechanism to provide indexing equal-dividing disk positioning plug cover;acceleration cam drive provides capping head lifting; constant torque capping;high precision screw metering filling; without touch screen control. Bottle filling,without inner plug, the outer cover.

With accurate positioning, stable transmission, protective cap, accurate in measurement. The advantages of simple operation, fully in line with the GMP requirements of the national.


1.Computer control, accurate, convenient operation of installed capacity.

2.The engine speed can be stepless variable speed.

3.Production of automatic quantitative control.

4.Multiple fault prompting function.

5.Automatic shutdown function, appear continuously without filling cases can be automatically shut down.

Device parameters:

Applicable specifications2-500g
Productive Capacity20-50pcs/min (can be customized)
Filling Tolerance0-2%
Qualified cap putting≥99%
Qualified capping≥99%
Power supply380V,50HZ(can be customized)
Net Weight750KG
Dimension2200 * 1000 * 1600mm


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