Automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine, spray bottle labeling machine

  • Tag: self-adhesive label labeling machine
  • Keywords: round bottle labeling machine
  • Servo Motor/Servo Driver: Delta
  • Attributes: multifunctional/widely applicable
  • Warranty service: video technical support, 
    online support, spare parts, on-site 
    maintenance and repair services
  • Certification: CE/ISO/TUV/GMP


Video description:

Model: CX-LT
Machine name: vertical round bottle labeling machine

CX-LT round bottle labeling machine is suitable for self-adhesive
/self-adhesive opaque/transparent labels

Basic use:
It is widely used in single-label or double-label labeling for fixed-point positioning 
of non-standard objects in beverage, food, chemical and other industries.
An automatic turntable bottle unscrambler is optional, which can be directly connected 
to the front-end production line, and automatically sends bottles to the labeling machine 
to increase efficiency.
An optional ribbon coding and labeling machine is available, which can print the 
production date and batch number online, reduce the bottle packaging process and 
improve production efficiency.
The whole machine adopts PLC control system with mature technology, which makes the whole 
machine run stably, and the high-speed operating system adopts touch screen control, 
which is easy to operate and practical, high efficiency. Imported servo labeling system 
can be selected, with fast speed and high stability. Positioning rotary bottle device, 
greatly improving labeling accuracy.
The reciprocating cylinder positioning can be used to precisely label the product at a 
designated position. The fixed-point labeling device can realize multi-label and 
all-round labeling on the bottle body.
Technical Parameters:

The machine adopts famous brand components to ensure the high quality of the machine. 
But we are factory, so our price is competitive. we want you to be our customers, you will 
be satisfied with our products and services——configuration is for reference only.


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