Automatic pouch bag packaging sealing machine

  • Applicable industries: machinery repair shops, food and beverage factories, food and beverage stores, packaging machines
  • Application: food, beverage, daily necessities, chemical industry, machinery and hardware
  • Packaging Type: Bag, Film, Sachet
  • Material used for packaging: Plastic
  • Voltage: 220V/380V (customized)
  • Dimensions (L*W*H): 900mmX700mmX1800mm
  • Certification:CE/ISO/TUV
  • Main selling points:easy to operate
  • Core components:PLC, gears, motors, engines, bearings, gearboxes, pumps
  • Scope of application:powder, granule, liquid, sauce
  • Bag making quantity:5-100ml
  • Bag form:rear seal fillet
  • Bag Size:Length 40-180mm, width 20-120mm
  • Packing speed:15-35 bags/min


Video description:

Model: CX-65

Machine Name: Automatic bag packaging machine


It is suitable for the quantitative packaging of small bags of fluid particles, powders,liquids and sauce materials in the food, catering, chemical and other industries,

such as: milk powder, starch, coffee powder, medicinal powder, meal replacement powder, granules,mouthwashes, etc. Hot selling automatic pouch bag packaging sealing machine 


1. The bag-making system adopts stepper motor subdivision technology, photoelectric eye color mark positioning and tracking, and the packaging is beautiful

2. The metering method adopts screw type metering, motor control, and the package weight can be controlled by adjusting the parameters through the computer screen

3. The hopper adopts a lifting device, which is easy to adjust, easy to clean, and helps improve work efficiency

4. This machine can automatically complete the functions of bag making, metering, blanking, sealing, slitting, counting, production batch, date printing, etc.

5. Stainless steel exterior, all parts in contact with the packaging materials are made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of QS and GMP hygiene standards

6. The heat sealer has four-way heating control, and each sealing channel on both sides can be individually adjusted in temperature. The heat balance is good, the sealing quality is high, the sealing edge is flat, and it can be applied to a variety of packaging materials.

7. Using computer touch screen control panel, Chinese and English display interface, parameter adjustment is convenient and quick, with fault self-diagnosis function to help solve the fault in time

8. Install side-opening protective baffle with good visibility, safe operation, clip-pull type to prevent dust from sticking to the sealing area, servo motor control, accurate measurement, accurate positioning of the lower film.

Technical parameter:

Scope of applicationPowder, granule, liquid, sauce
Measurement methodGranular measuring cup volume type,powder screw type, liquid suction pump,sauce plunger pump
Bag making volume5-100ml
Bag making formBack seal fillet
Bag sizeLength 40-180mm, width 20-120mm
Packaging speed15-35 bags/minute
Power220V/380V 50HZ 1.9KW
Dimensions900*700*1800 (length*width*height mm)
Total Weight400KG


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