Automatic liquid packaging machine

  • Packing speed: 30-60(bags/second)
  • Bag size: length 10-180m width 50-140mm
  • Packaging coil diameter up to 300mm
  • Bag making method: three side sealing four side sealing back sealing
  • Measuring range: 5-200g/mL
  • Voltage: 220V 380V
  • Configured according to customer’s needs.
  • External dimensions: 700 * 900 * 1750 (cm)
    Slightly change according to the special requirements device
  • Net weight: 300 (kg)
    Varies according to the configuration


Video description:

Model: CX-60

Machine Name: Automatic Liquid Packing Machine

Adaptable packaging materials:

Paper/polyethylene, BOPP/polyethylene, aluminum foil/polyethylene, polyester/aluminum/polyethylene, nylon/polyethylene, non-woven fabrics, filter paper and other composite materials.

Technical features:

  • Automatic packaging machine adopts color touch screen control, can set Chinese and English pages. The operation is simple, stable and reliable.
  • The automatic packaging machine is controlled by computer, and the system adopts stepper motor subdivision technology, which has high bag making precision and small error.
  • Automatically track the color mark, intelligently eliminate false color marks, and automatically complete the positioning and length fixation of the packaging bag.
  • Heat-sealing dual-channel temperature control, intelligent temperature control, good heat balance, ensuring sealing quality, suitable for a variety of packaging materials.
  • Intelligent photoelectric color mark positioning control system.

Main technical features:

  1. High-sensitivity full touch screen, microcomputer controller to control the operation of the whole machine, adjustment is convenient and quick.
  2. The length of the outer bag can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the cursor tracking bag length setting can be set in the display screen, without manual adjustment on the machine.
  3. All electrical appliances are branded.
  4. The faulty computer displays.
  5. The balance lifting frame of the measuring cup can ensure the stability of the weight.
  6. with beating function.
  1. Using PID to adjust the temperature controller, the temperature control is more accurate.
  2. The additional device of this machine can complete the functions of flat cutting, date printing, easy tearing, etc.
  3. The outer sealing paper is controlled by a stepping motor, the bag length is stable, and the positioning is accurate
  4. All the functions of the machine for cutting, sealing, inner and outer bags are independently controlled, and can be separated by operating the separation handle, which is convenient for debugging and maintenance, and can be operated safely and effectively.
  5. Labels and hanging lines can be automatically separated. This machine can be used for hanging line and labeling tea bags inside and outside, and it can also be used for making tea bags without lines and labels.
  6. This machine is suitable for packaging film and has strong adaptability. Such as polypropylene, aluminum foil, aluminized, nylon-based composite film are all available.
  7. Labels and labels can be customized.

Optional configuration of measuring cup blanking, screw blanking, weighing blanking [price is determined according to product configuration]

Main technical parameters of the packaging machine:

Measuring methodscrew feeding / measuring cup feeding / conveying hopper feeding / sauce cutting feeding
Bag typeBack seal/Three-side seal/Four-side seal
Bag sizeLength:10—180mm Width:50-140mm
Packing speed30-60bag/min
Packing volume5-200 ML
Diameter of packaging coilMax 300mm
Power220V/380V~50Hz(Can be customized)
Net weight300KG


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