Automatic point gorilla round bottle labeling machine

  • Label: single or double self-adhesive label
  • Packing details: export long-distance wooden box
  • Programmable controller: Mitsubishi/Siemens
  • Production capacity: can be customized 
    according to your requirements
  • Date machine on the label/
    Printer: optional
  • Motor: imported servo motor (driver)
  • Machine Name: Bottle Labeling Machine
  • WhatsApp / WeChat / Mobile: 13917437069


Video description:

Model: CX-DTJ
Machine name: round bottle fixed point labeling machine

It is suitable for labeling requirements in the circumferential direction of round 
bottles with positioning characteristics or large and heavy bottles in beverage, food 
and other industries, and double labels can be attached at the same time

Basic use:
It is widely used in single-label or double-label labeling for fixed-point positioning 
of non-standard objects in beverage, food, chemical and other industries.
An automatic turntable bottle unscrambler is optional, which can be directly connected 
to the front-end production line, and automatically sends bottles to the labeling machine 
to increase efficiency.
An optional ribbon coding and labeling machine is available, which can print the 
production date and batch number online, reduce the bottle packaging process and improve 
production efficiency.
1. Imported control system, servo or stepping standard system, Japanese Omron automatic 
detection label standard stop high-end configuration to ensure stable operation of the 
equipment other brands can be selected according to the actual needs of customers.
2. Adopt cylinder to drive the rotary bottle structure, and the rotary three-positioning 
method ensures excellent labeling parallelism and positioning accuracy
3. The main material is made of stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, produced 
in accordance with GMP standards, with firm structure and elegant appearance
Technical Parameters:

The machine adopts famous brand components to ensure the high quality of the machine. 
But we are factory, so our price is competitive. We hope that you become our customer, 
you will be satisfied with our products and services——configuration is for reference only.

Additional information

Voltage specification


Labeling speed

20-80pcs/min (depends on bottle and label size)

Object size

30-280 mm (H), 20-150 mm (W)

Label size

25-300mm (L), 20-180mm (W)

Labeling accuracy


Air source for printing machine

5 kg/cm2

Paper roll size

76mm (inner), 380mm (outer)




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