Automatic e-liquid filling machine

  • Touch screen (optional): Siemens
  • PLC (optional): Siemens
  • Inverter: Mitsubishi
  • Main motor: ABB
  • Low-voltage electrical appliances: Schneider
  • Common speed: 20-40b/m (depending on filling volume)
  • Material: 316L+304 stainless steel
  • Filling pump: piston pump / peristaltic pump


Video description:

Model: CX-YGF

Machine Name: Automatic e-liquid filling machine

Use and Introduction:

This machine is suitable for filling e-liquid and eye drops in 5-100ml round and flat plastic bottles and glass bottles of various materials. This machine has a high-precision cam mechanism provide indexing plate positioning, capping, capping, acceleration cam drive capping head up and down; constant torque capping, peristaltic pump metering filling; touch screen control, no bottle no filling; without inner plug and outer cover, it has the advantages of stable transmission, accurate positioning, accurate measurement and simple operation.

The upper inner plug and outer cover are calibrated by special abrasive tools the pass rate of political alignment is high. The inner plug hopper adopts single-track and double-track feeding, depending on the user’s output.

Filling machine features:

1. It is widely used in food, chemical and beverage industries, and is suitable for filling and locking small bottles, (such as oral liquid, nail polish, eye shadow, electronic Smoke oil, aromatherapy essential oil, perfume, etc.), the production materials are SUS304 stainless steel and 316L anti-corrosion stainless steel (special for parts in contact with materials), never rust,Comply with GMP standard. By the majority of customers welcome.

2. The working process is: bottle unscrambling—automatic bottle feeding to the station—automatic rotation—automatic quantitative filling—automatic cap unscrambling and capping (cap feeding by vibration) (optional)—automatic lock Cover — finished product conveyor belt output.

3. The electronic cigarette oil filling, plugging and capping machine can be applied to various processes that require filling, plugging, and capping. Note: The front end can be equipped with a bottle unscrambler, and the rear end can be equipped with a labeling machine to form a complete filling production line.

Technical parameters:

Applicable specifications2-200 ml
Production capacity20-100 bottles/min
Filling accuracy0-1%
Power supply380V.50HZ (customizable)
Power1. 5KW
Net weight600KG
Size2500 (L) x 1000 (W) x 1700 (H) mm


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