Automatic bottle air jet washing machine

  • Applicable industries:Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Plant
  • application:Food, beverage, daily necessities, chemical 
    industry, machinery and hardware
  • Materials used for packaging:
    Plastic, Metal, Glass, Others
  • Voltage:110/220/380V 50/60HZ
  • Dimensions (L*W*H):2260*1260*1900mm
  • Main selling points:easy to operate  
  • Filling accuracy:≥99%
  • Core components:Motors, pumps, PLCs, gears, 
    bearings, gearboxes, engines
  • Function:wash bottle
  • Touch screen (optional):Siemens
  • PLC (optional):Siemens
  • Inverter:mitsubishi
  • Main driving force:ABB
  • Low-voltage electrical appliances:Schneider
  • Certification:CE/GMP/ISO/TUV


Video description:
Model: CX-QXJ
Machine Name: Automatic bottle air jet washing machine
Machine details
1.This product is for blowing and sucking for cleaning inside of bottles.
2. This product is mainly used in food and other industries, applicable to 
clean the bottle of powder dust, Simple operation, convenient maintenance,
easy to adjust
3 .This equipment consists of fuselage, conveyor belt, dial, compressed air filter, 
aerator, CAM, sprocket, blowing needle, needle frame and other parts
4.Bottle of breathing the needle through the conveyor to the below the block in the 
dial stop forward, at the moment of breathing needles after CAM synchronous internal 
washed down to the bottle. When blowing inspiratory needles into his mouth with a 
certain length, the needle seat sealing washer and the bottle surface contact and the 
appropriate pressure. Mechanical valve opened at the same time, through to admission 
line and blow air through a needle to the bottle, blow bottle gas sucked out by inhaling 
the needle
5.From the needle into the dry compressed air is filtered, it formed inside the bottle 
gas circulation, strong erosion surface of container, make the dust inside the bottle 
in a suspended state; In time has been running the vortex air pump, it from a slightly 
larger diameter suction pipe, complete cleaning dust removal process
1.The meterial is SUS304 stainless steel 
2.Including feeder turntable,effective cost/space saving(optional)
3.It has intuitive and convenient operation, measuring accurate, positioning precision
4.Fully in accordance with the GMP standard production and passed CE certification
5.Siemens Touch screen/PLC
6.HS Code:8422303090
Technical parameter
production capacity
Needle heads
Purification of compressed air
air pressure 0.25-0.5Mpa
Air Consumption
6-8m3 / h
Getter pump (suction)
Air Volume 72m3 / h
Total power


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