Automatic 8 Channel Automatic Counter Counting Machine For Bottle

  • Core components PLC, engine, bearings, gearbox, motor, pressure vessel, gear
  • Main selling point Ease of operation
  • Applicable industry Manufacturing plant
  • Capacity (pcs/hour) 480000pcs/hour
  • Applicable material automatic counting machine
  • Purpose automatic counting machine
  • Product name Automatic grain counting machine
  • Super function to get rid of out-of-stock bottles
  • Applicable bottle shape: round, square plastic bottles
  • Accuracy>99.5%
  • Optional bottle cap machine
  • Working range 2-9999 per bottle adjustable
  • Production capacity 30-50b/m
  • Suitable for automatic counting machines


Video description:

Model: CX-PC8

Machine Name: Capsule Counting Machine

Main features:

Strong compatibility, it can count and bottle various solid preparations or solid particles such as tablets (including special-shaped tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent and opaque), and pills.

Vibration cutting: The lower channel vibrates homogeneous materials, the unique patented mechanism unloads, and the output is stable without damage.

Anti-high dust: Using the anti-high dust photoelectric sensor technology exclusively developed by our company, it can work stably even in high dust environments.

Accurate counting: automatic counting by photoelectric sensor, the bottling error is smaller than the national standard The special structure of the discharge port can prevent drug blockage, and the small bottle can be quickly filled (optional).

High degree of intelligence: It has various alarm and control functions such as no bottle, no counting, automatic fault detection, etc.

Auxiliary function: Photoelectric sensor automatically detects no bottle and stops automatically.

Easy to operate: intelligent design is adopted, various operating data can be set according to needs, and 10 sets of setting parameters can be stored for use.

Easy maintenance: workers can easily operate after simple training, and can easily disassemble, clean and replace parts without any tools.

Sealed and dustproof: optional dust collection box to reduce dust pollution. (optional)

Technical Parameters:

Suitable bottle typeRound/square plastic bottle
Filler0-5# capsules, soft capsules, 5.5-12 tablets, shaped tablets, sugar coated tablets, 3-12 pills
Productive Capacity20-50 bottles/min (depending on bottle size, flling volume and tablet size)
illing volume setting range1-9999
Power sourceAC220V/50HZ 0.6KW
Accuracy rate> 99.5% (higher than industry standard)
Atmospheric pressure0.6 MPa
Overall dimension660 (4) x 1280(W) x 780 (H) mm


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