Automatic 5ml 10ml 15ml perfume roll on bottle filling capping machine

  • Applicable industries Manufacturing plants, machine repair shops, perfume filling machines
  • Applications Beverages, chemicals, household goods, food, machinery and hardware
  • Packaging type Bottles, cans
  • Key Selling Points Easy to operate
  • Core Components Motor, Pressure Vessel, Pump, PLC, Gear, Bearing, Gearbox, Engine
  • Material SUS 316L+SUS304 stainless steel
  • High precision piston pump filling
  • Advantage Can be customized according to any shape/size of bottles
  • Optional connection to labeling machine
  • Liquid Viscosity Like water or syrup


Video description:

Model No:CX-YGF

Machine Name: Perfume filling machine


  • Bottle feeding + liquid filling + roll ball feeding + caps feeding + capping 5 in 1 machine
  • Upgrade filling nozzles: made by SUS316L Pha and food grade
  • Mechanical arm suck roll abll and outer cap on bottle automatically, our copyright & upgrade design with high accuracy
  • Touch screen can be showed in English,Spanish,Rassina,Italian and others language,can be customized according to your requirement
  • We’ll change into your standard plug before shipping, such as American plug, UK plug, European plug…
  • We pack all quick wear parts,manual,operation & installation video, tool and whole machine in wooden case,more easy for set up


One filling machine can be customized for different bottle size

PLC control automatic 5ml 10ml 15ml roll on bottle filling plugging capping machine for perfume


Product Characteristics:

1.The parts which contact liquid are SUS316L stainless steel and others are SUS304 stainless steel

2.Including feeder turntable,effective cost/space saving

3.It has intuitive and convenient operation, measuring accurate, positioning precision

4.Fully in accordance with the GMP standard production and passed CE certification

5. Optional Siemens Touch screen/PLC/ safety dust cover

6.No bottle no filling/plugging/capping

Main technical Parameters:

Applied Bottle5-200 ml (can be customized according to your product size)
Productive Capacity20-40pcs/min 2 filling nozzles
50-60pcs/min 4filling nozzles
Filling Tolerance0-2%
Qualified Stoppering≥99%
Qualified cap putting≥99%
Qualified capping≥99%
Power Supply380V ,50HZ
Net Weight500KG


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