Automatic 500ml double head hand sanitizer filling line

  • Touch screen (optional): Siemens
  • PLC (optional): Siemens
  • Inverter: Mitsubishi
  • Main motor: ABB
  • Low-voltage electrical appliances: Schneider
  • Qualified capping: 99%
  • Material: 316L+304 stainless steel
  • Warranty service: video technical support, 
    online support, spare parts,on-site 
    maintenance and repair service
  • Certification: CE/ISO/TUV/GMP


Video description:

Model: CX-GFT
Machine Name: Hand Sanitizer Gel Filling Machine
Patented products, no counterfeiting
Patent No.: ZL 2019 3 0240269. 0 & ZL 2019 2 0387601. 0

Suitable for 50-1000ml various bottle caps, 5L can be customized

Product details:
Purpose and introduction: This production line is composed of a bottle feeding machine, 
a filling and corking machine, and a disc positioning and capping machine, which can 
complete filling, stoppering, capping and other processes.
It is mainly used for the in-line production of liquid hand sanitizer bottles and plastic 
round bottles, and can be equipped with a labeling machine to form an ideal production 
line. The production line has reasonable design and simple operation.
Easy to maintain, in full compliance with the new GMP requirements
The exterior material is 304 stainless steel, in line with GMP standards.
It can adapt to multi-standard production, and the filling part is made of 316L stainless 
Stable operation, low noise, accurate filling.
The broken bottle rate is low, the qualified rate of finished products is high, 
and the energy consumption is low.
The whole production line can be controlled by single machine or chain.
Technical Parameters:

The machine adopts famous brand components to ensure the high quality of the machine. 
But we are factory, so our price is competitive. we want you to be our customers, you will 
be satisfied with our products and services——configuration is for reference only.


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