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In the electronic cigarette industry, E-liquid Filling Machine is a key equipment. It not only improves productivity, but also ensures the quality and consistency of the product. So, how to choose a E-liquid Filling Machine that suits your needs?


What is a E-liquid filling machine?
  1. The Set of machine include filling-Tips Feeder-caps feeder-mechanical arm sucking tips and caps-capping automatically
  2. Fit for E-liquid ,essential oil ,perfume, syrup, tincture, alcohol,wine a variety of materials such as,and other functions.
  3. Machine can be working alone or connect other filling line packaging machine
  4. The parts which contact liquid are SUS316L stainless steel,machine frame are SUS304 stainless steel
  5. Applied for 10-120ml glass bottle and plastic bottle.
  6. SUS316L stainless steel piston pump, UK Watson Marlow peristaltic pump and ceramic pump are optional
Why choose our E-liquid filling machine?
  1. CE marks and cGMP guidelines
  2. 1 minute quick flavor changeover
  3. Automatic pick and place plugging station
  4. Filling needles anti-drip design
  5. Mechanical arm pick plug and caps
  6. Diving nozzle for an optimized filing cycle
  7. Servo system control No bottles No filling
  8. Siemens HMI for easy adjust filling volume
  9. Final caps torque control for each bottle(optional)


How to use our E-liquid filling machine?

We provide detailed user manuals and online tutorials to help you quickly master how to use our e-liquid filling machine. If you encounter any problems during use, our technical support team is always ready to help you.

People Also Ask

What is the cost of e-liquid filling machine?

According to your product can be customized production line or separate machinery, this price is different, if you want to know more, we have a professional team for your service!

What is a e-liquid filling machine?

This machine adopts advanced technology and precision components, with fast and accurate filling capacity, suitable for 10ml-200ml plastic bottles.

The e-liquid filling machine nozzles adopts a drip-proof needle design and has servo-driven control and photoelectric detection to ensure that no bottle no filling.

The star wheel we use is wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, low-temperature resistant, and not easily deformed.

Combined with labeling machine and bottle cutter, it can form a production line.

Why choose our e-liquid filling machine?

1.We are 18 years professional liquid filling line factory, low price and best quality.

2.We offer excellent after-sales service.

3.Alibaba top and trade assurance supplier.

4.We meet GMP requirement and passed CE/TUV/ISO approved.

5.We can do the turn-key project according to clients’ requirement.

6.Our products exported 108 countries and 10 VIP agent in the world,We also have offices and service centers in four countries!

Why can you trust CHENGXIANG?
🎉We are 18 years professional liquid filling line factory, High-quality products and services!
🎉Sold in 106 countries!
🎉With professional team and professional after-sales service!
🎉Overseas offices and service centers!
🎉Provides ODM/OEM service!
🎉We meet GMP requirement and passed CE/TUV/ISO approved!
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