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Auger Powder Filling Machine‘s Advantage

Technology is the core of Chengxiang filling, labeling and packaging machines!

Our powder filling machines, which precisely fill products to a high level of accuracy, can speedily handle various powders and satisfy volume requirements. Degassed filling is also possible, which reduces the amount of residue powder falling after the auger has stopped. This is possible based on applying technology that prevents powder, which remains at the tip, from falling. Our powder filling machines can be used in full production-line systems that incorporate a variety of auxiliary equipment such container-feeders, cappers, checkers, labelers and others.

Technology-centered filling, labeling and packaging machines!

Auger Powder Filling Machine or Auger Filling Machine is used to package powdered products in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, metal, plastic, agriculture and food production. Shanghai Chengxiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is an outstanding Spiral Powder Filling Machine manufacturer in China, offering Spiral Filling Machines with truly life-changing advantages in product packaging. Spiral filling machines offer numerous benefits, including worker and environmental safety. In addition to high return on investment, spiral filling machines offer numerous advantages including worker safety and environmental protection …..

Self-developed high quality screw shaft

Shanghai Chengxiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed a high-quality screw filling machine with filling results comparable to leading similar products on the international market. We know that the size of the powder particles affects the flow and the amount of dust generated during the filling process. The size of the powder particles also affects the internal pressure generated by the barrel and screw shaft. The smaller the particles, the higher the fluidity and the lower the stability of the internal pressure. Therefore, the technical details of the screw shaft in the filling machine are crucial.

At Shanghai Chengxiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd, we have developed different screw shafts for filling powders of different particle sizes. Our screw filling machines can be categorized into free-flowing types (for powders or granules with good flowability) and low free-flowing types (for powders with poor flowability).

Our screw shafts are made of stainless steel and are machined in one piece instead of the traditional welded screw shafts. Filling metering can be customized to meet customer requirements. After completing the assembly of the customer’s order, we perform a fill test to check that the metering is accurate and that the tolerances are within the preset limits. The results must conform to the set values in order to pass our quality control of the screw and filling machine.

Features of Spiral Filling Machine:

  1. Spiral control system adopts touch screen man-machine interface, which is easy and simple to operate.
  2. High-quality servo motor (such as Japan Mitsubishi motor, can be customized according to customer’s requirements) drives the spiral shaft to ensure excellent metering accuracy.
  3. high-quality PLC control system (such as Japan Mitsubishi, according to customer orders), to maximize the stability of the control performance.
  4. E-class explosion-proof mixing motor to avoid dust explosion.
  5. Filler surface and internal drive are equipped with dustproof mechanism to prevent dust from damaging machine parts.
  6. Level control mechanism connected with raw material supply system can automatically replenish filling materials.
  7. The rotational speed of the screw shaft and the consequent filling volume can be monitored and fine-tuned to maintain filling accuracy and stability. This adjustment is achieved through a feedback system that counts the rotational pulses of the screw shaft.

Auger’s quest for filling accuracy :

The Auger Powder Filler is equipped with a high precision auger shaft. Metering tolerances of up to ±1% can be achieved. Our quest for filling accuracy can be illustrated by the following accuracy definitions and examples.

The filling volume of each filling unit of Chengxiang Filling Packaging Machine is controlled by the corresponding pulse of the screw shaft driven by the servo motor system. At the same time, the rotational speed of the screw shaft is automatically adjusted by means of weight data linked to a feedback system. This feedback system ensures that the accuracy of the filling volume is designed and stabilized. The host server receives the pulse count. It then adjusts each filling volume and the internal pressure of the raw material drum to maintain stability and high accuracy of the filling output.

The definition of filling accuracy for a screw filler varies depending on the filling volume and product compound. For example, for a 3-in-1 blended ground coffee, each coffee producer has a different recipe and raw material composition ratio. For the same 50 gram fill volume, different recipes and different ingredient ratios will result in different accuracy settings for the filling machine. In addition, different industries have different requirements for precision. Tolerances also depend on the filling volume. The table below provides a general guideline for accuracy tolerances of powder screw fillers for different filling volumes. Please note that actual accuracy tolerances will need to be determined by the customer’s needs for machine specifications and product formulation.

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