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Shanghai Chengxiang Machinery Co Ltd has very rich manufacturing experience in auger filling machines. Whether you’re hand (manual, semi-automatic) filling a container, or you have a high-speed, high-torqueapplication, Chengxiang has an auger filler that’s perfect for you. Our strict engineering and manufacturingstandards help you conquer expensive downtime and needless waste.

Auger powder filling machine are the machines of choice for filling packing all dry powdered products. It makes the auger filler machine the ideal choice for filling all fine powders, such as talcs, flour, spice powder, ground coffee, pepper powder, chemical powder, and baking soda.

Auto Auger powder filling machine Product Introduction:

Auger powder filling machine is suitable for flat plastic or glass bottles of powder filling capping.

② Auger powder filling machine is made of high precision cam indexing mechanism to provide indexing equal-dividing disk positioning plug cover; constant torque capping;high precision screw metering filling; without touch screen control.

③ Bottle filling,without inner plug, the outer cover.The appearance of the use of SUS304 stainless steel easy maintenance.304 stainless steel screw filling, corrosion resistance strong.

④ The advantages of simple operation, fully in line with the GMP requirements of the national. Computer control,accurate,convenient operation of installed capacity.

⑤ The engine speed can be stepless variable speed.Production of automatic quantitative control. Multiple fault prompting function.

⑥Automatic shutdown function, appear continuously without filling cases can be automatically shut down.

⑦Applicable specifications:5-90g

Productive Capacity:15-20b/min(depend on products size)

Filling Tolerance:0-2%

Qualified cap putting:≥99%

Qualified capping:≥99%

Power Supply:380V ,50HZ


Net Weight :750KG


Semi-Automatic Auger powder filling machine:
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