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Shanghai Chengxiang Machinery Co., LTD

        Chengxiang Machinery comprehensive consulting and services portfolio offers you advice and practical help in the use of your machines and systems. To successfully manage today’s complex liquid filling and packaging processes at all levels, you need professional services that leverage our specialists’ experience and expertise.
        At present, the equipment is exported to 108 countries and regions around the world. We have two Branch offices in USA and Germany, Five local engineering service center in UK, France, Vienam ,Indonesia and Thailand.

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High-tech company Shanghai Chengxiang Machinery Co, Ltd.integrates R&D,manufacturing,sales, and service.
We have 16 utility model patents thus far.
Primary equipment: pharmaceutical bottle cleaning,flling, capping, labeling,and packaging machines.
Our exports to 108 nations.
With 13+ years of industry design experience and a reliable design team, we provide customers with solutions such as special identification codes. At the same time,it introduces foreign cuting-edge technology, continuously innovates, and successively provides personalized customization for biophrmaceutical, daily chemical, food and beverage industries.
The company has import and export rights, and its products are exported to Europe,America,the Middle East,Southeast Asia,South America and other regions.
It has a very deep understanding of the quality systems of various countries, and maintains long-term and stable cooperative relations with local distributors.
The company has strong technical force, perfect internal management, high production efficiency and a complete range of products. According to the needs of customers in different regions, we customize non-standard products and provide cost-effective and high-tech products. Continuously improve the pre-sale, sale and after-sale service system.

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Typically, the filling methods used are volumetric piston, level, weigh filling or timed flow. Machines will usually be rotary with one carousel for filling and a second carousel for capping the bottles.

Depending on how many bottles you need to fill per day, you may need a handheld filler, semi-automatic, automatic inline filler, or a rotary filling machine. Typically, the faster the filling machine, the higher its price.

  • Manual liquid filling machine.
  • Semi-automatic liquid filling machine.
  • Automatic water filling machine.
  • Inline liquid filling machine.
  • Rotary liquid filling machine.
  • Piston liquid filling machine.
The digital liquid filling machine is a semi-automatic machine, used to fill an accurate amount of liquid in bottles and containers. These machines work on the principle of gear pump filling. It is a compact machine with an attached silicon pipe. These machines have low power consumption and are easy to operate.

The size, shape, and material a container is made from will influence the type of machine used to fill it. Most rigid plastic or glass bottle can be filled with thinner, free-flowing liquids via a vacuum-level filling machine, whilst jars, flexible bottles or pouches are likely to require a volumetric filling system.

By considering factors such as product characteristics, production volume, container types, and your budget, you can make an informed choice. Additionally, understanding the various types of filling machines and their suitability for different applications will help you select the most appropriate option.